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Technical Support Blog & Comment:




Repair Services - If you have encoutered any problem with HDD damage, power board, DVD problem, etc of any Best Media Product, you can contact our Technician Support Department for troubleshooting or request for repair service. We offer reasonable price and excellent customer service to help our customers. Please contact us for RMA# before shipping your machine to us. Please fill out Online Service Request Form. Thank You.

Upgrade Services - Our new songs are upgraded four (4) Quarters per year. All of our upgraded song list are located under the Download Section. You can choose to upgrade new song by one (1) of the below methods:
   1. Purchase our Upgrade Song Disc (補歌光碟) - choose a specific Quarter  -   by Phone
   2. Purchase our USB Upgrade Song (U盤加歌) - choose a specific Quarter    -   by Phone
   3. Choose Add Song by HDD Service (硬盤加歌) - add song up to the latest Quarter   -   by Phone / Fill out Service Request Form

   Best Media Chinese Version
       1. Upgrade Song Disc (補歌光碟):    $20/Quarter. (S/H not included) - Applied to BM-1000 & BM-2000 Only
       2. USB Upgrade Song (U盤加歌):     $20/Quarter (USB not included) - Applied to BM-3000 Only
          -- You can choose to send us your USB Flash Drive or purchase a USB directly from us. 
          -- The price of USB drive is varied from size. Please check our USB Size Required & Price List
          -- If you choose to send us your USB, please fill out & email us the "USB Upgrade Request" Form to request RMA#.
       3. Add Song by HDD (硬盤加歌):       $50/ upgrading service (S/H not included) - Applied to All Machine
          -- Required machine to be sent to our office for this service. please request RMA# by contact us or send us the "Service Request" Form  before shipping your machine. Thank You.
   *Notes: Upgrading price is maybe different if the machine doesn´t have the same HDD size. (such as BM-1000), please call for details

    Best Media Vietnamese Version
      *Currently, BM-2000 Vietnamese also has upgraded to 2.0TB HDD.
         Upgrade to 2.0TB HDD:        $150/ upgrading service (S/H not included)
        -- You will get 2500 more new songs & a booklet of 2500 new songs. Please contact us for more details and to view new song lists.
        -- Required machine to be sent to our office for this service. Please request RMA# before shipping your machine. Thank You.

        BM-3000 Vietnamese
          + Season 1 & 2 - Song list available on the Download Section. Please contact your local dealer for the upgrading service

          Please feel free to contact us at 909-348-5558, info@bestmediausa.com, or facebook us if you have any question


       *Please check chart below for the Minimum USB Size Required for the Quarter you want to get.

BM-3000 Chinese  - New Song & Bonus - 新歌- 節目 (Minimum USB size Required)

New Song - by Quarters


Man -

Song list


Multi -廣台

Song list




USB Size

13Q4 (B01 - B02)

- New Song 13Q4 (壹参年第四季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 01 - Voice of China 02 (中國好聲音 第二季)

- Bonus 02 - I am a Singer 01 (我是歌手 第一季)

- 13Q4 (M)

- Bonus 1 (M)

- Bonus 2 (M)

-13Q4 (C)



- 261 (26GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only

14Q1 (B03 - V04)

- New Song 14Q1  (壹肆年第一季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 03 - Sing My Song 01 (中國好歌曲 第一季)

- Bonus 04 - I am a Singer 02 (我是歌手第二季)

- 14Q1 (M)

- Bonus 3 (M)

- Bonus 4 (M)

- 14Q1 (C)


- Bonus 4 (C)

- 339 (39GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only


- New Song 14Q2 (壹肆年第二季新增歌曲)

- 14Q2 (M)

- 14Q2 (C)

- 152 (9GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only


- New Song 14Q2 + (壹肆年第二季Plus新增歌曲)

- 14Q2+ (M)


- 170 (14GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only

14Q3 - B05

- New Song 14Q3  (壹肆年第三季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 05 - Voice of China 03 (中國好聲音 第三季)

- 14Q3 (M)

- Bonus 5 (M)

- 14Q3 (C)

- Bonus 5 (C)

- 425 (25GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only


- New Song 14Q4 (壹肆年第四季新增歌曲)

- 14Q4 (M)

- 14Q4 (C)

- 246 (31GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only


- New Song 15Q1 (壹伍年第一季新增歌曲)

- 15Q1 (M)

- 15Q1 (C)

- 211 (22GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only

15Q2 - B06

- New Song 15Q2  (壹伍年第二季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 06 - I Am a Singer 03 (我是歌手 第三季)

- 15Q2 (M)

- Bonus 6 (M)

- 15Q2 (C)

- Bonus 6 (C)

- 313 (29GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only

15Q3 - B07

- New Song 15Q3  (壹伍年第三季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 07 - Voice of China 04 (中國好聲音 第四季)

- 15Q3 (M)

- Bonus 7 (M)

- 15Q3 (C)

- Bonus 7 (C)

- 318 (18GB)

*Upgrade by HDD only

15Q4 - B08

- New Song 15Q4  (壹伍年第四季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 08 - Masked King 01 (蒙面歌王 第一季)

- 15Q4 (M)

- Bonus 8 (M)

- 15Q4 (C)

- Bonus 8 (C)

- 246 (17GB)

USB - 32GB

16Q1 - B09

- New Song 16Q1  (壹陆年第一季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 09 - Sing My Song 02 (中國好歌曲 第二季)

- 16Q1 (M)

- Bonus 9 (M)

- 16Q1 (C)


- 374 (36GB)

USB - 64GB

16Q2 - B10

- New Song 16Q2  (壹陆年第二季新增歌曲)

- Bonus 10 - I Am a Singer 04 (我是歌手 第四季)

- 16Q2 (M)

- Bonus 10 (M)

- 16Q2 (C)

- Bonus 10 (C)

- 368 (60GB)

USB - 128GB


*required machine to send back to office for update - due to certain firmware upgrade.

  USB upgrade is good for upgrading 1 to 3 quarter. Up to 4 quarters, we suggest you to use upgrade by HDD service.








BM-3000 Vietnamese Upgrade Songs

New Song List

Total Songs

Note before upgrade

Season 1

- 498 songs

Season 2

- 555 songs

Season 3

- 162 songs

*3TB HDD is  Full

Season 4

- 2840 songs

- required 4TB HDD

Season 5

- 3643 songs

- required 4TB HDD

Season 6

- 1554 songs

- required 4TB HDD

How to Upgrade song?

BM-3000 Vietnamese is required to mail to our office for upgrade songs. We only use HDD upgrade new songs because the size of each season is too large. Unfortunately, Season cannot be placed into portable hard drive because the USB port only read FAT32 format. Portable Hard drive is NTFS. The largest size of USB currently is 128GB, its storage is too small for each season.


Please contact us at 909-348-5558 or Home Page > Request Repair > to request for RMA number before ship out your machine.





One Year Warranty Policy

*Proof of purchase is required for all warranty work.

1) Warranty starts from the original Date of Purchase and is good for 1 year.
2) Warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover damage, which occurs in shipment or results from alterations, accidents, misuse, introduction of liquid or other foreign matter into the unit, abuse, neglect, installation, improper maintenance, or failures that are caused by products not supplied by Best Media and modifications by anyone other than Best Media.
3) Warranty does not cover 2nd hand products.
4) Warranty does not cover shipping costs for returning the goods.

*Please note that in order to have your merchandise repaired and replaced by warranty, you must contact our customer service representatives by phone or email, and get an RMA number.


Consumer Product Retail:

 How to Request for Refund/Exchange?
1. Contact our Return Department at 1-800-507-5203 or info@bestmediausa.com  to request for an RMA (Return Authorization Number) before shipping out your item. Any unauthorized  return will not be accepted or refunded.
2. Place the RMA # on the package and ship it back to our Return Department. (We will not accept any return without a RMA number)

                     Return Department:      Alright Media LLC        20746 Carrey Road, Walnut, California 91789

- Package needs to be sent back as its original shipping box and condition with all manufacture accessories, manuals and warranties or we will refuse the return.
- Please ensure to pack safely and insure your Return Item to protect against delivery damage or loss.
- Best Media will not responsible for damaged return or items lost in transit.

- Defective Item: After receive and exam the product, if the problem is due to manufacturer defect, we will contact buyer and Refund according to policy or Reship a new unit immediately.  Anyway, if the problem is not manufacture defect, but due to human error, or intentional destruction, we may charge 15% restocking fee as well as any related shipping costs.

RMA number is only valid within 10 days after the day of issued, which means we have to receive the Return package within 10 days after RMA issued or we will not accept the return.  Please contact Return Department if you cannot return the item within this period.
* Note : RMA number will not be extended or Re-issued unless special exception.

Bundle Return Policy

1. Full Bundle Return:
- For Full Refund, All items of the Bundle as well as Gift and Extra Accessories need to be returned to the Return Department in original box and condition or we may refuse the return or additional cost will deduct from Refund amount.
- Return Bundle Package will subject to Regular Shipping cost. These fee will be deduct from Refund Amount

2. Partial Bundle Return:
- Buyer may request for return for a certain item in Bundle. However, item is only listed for special discount if purchasing as a Bundle. With Partial Bundle Return, item will be only refunded as its discount price.
- Return Partial Bundle Item will also subject to Regular Shipping cost. These fee will deduct from Refund Amount.

3. Partial Bundle Exchange:
- Buyer may request for exchange certain Bundle item (A) to another item (B). However, that item (B) will be charged as its original price because it is not listed in the same Bundle Package.  Buyer will pay the difference of the item and shipping cost.

4. Partial Bundle Exchange (Defective)
- Please contact us immediately if Partial Bundle item is defective. Request RMA# and ship the Partial Bundle Item back to our Return Department for examination. If we determined the problem by Manufacture defect. We will reship the new unit to buyer and may credit return shipping cost.

*Best Media reserves the right to change, update, or discontinue Free Shipping policy at any time.





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