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【BM-3000 APP】My Favorite - iPhone/Android  (我的最愛 - APP)  Size:911.15KB
【BM-3000 Ins】How to Order USB Upgrade Service & Price List  (如何購買U盤加歌)  Size:236.74KB
【BM-3000 Tech】Add to My Favorite - English  (我的最愛 - 英文版)  Size:1.05MB
【BM-3000 Tech】Connect iPad / Android to BM-3000  (連接iPad / Android 到 BM-3000)  Size:504.27KB
【BM-3000 Tech】General Questions  (常見問題)  Size:423.43KB
【BM-3000 Tech】Add to My Favorite - Chinese  (我的最愛 - 中文版)  Size:1.07MB
【BM-3000 Tech】Add Song Disc Guideline  (使用補歌光碟教程)  Size:1.62MB
【BM-3000 Tech】USB Detail Record Songs to HDD  (USB 詳細錄製歌曲教程)  Size:6.03MB
【BM-3000 Inst】Stand Installation Guideline  (19吋立地式觸摸屏三種腳架安裝教程)  Size:1.80MB
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